bitPerk is an employee engagement tool.

Make processes and deliveries a winning game.

Reward completed tasks with bits (points). Let people choose their own perks.

Improve on-time delivery, daily time logging, code quality, and more.
Time to results? 30 days or less.

Know better

Real-time insights of your software development.

Recognise & reward

Effective recognition for exceptional progress.

Win more

Helping teams to win small, win early, and win often.

Time tracking – on time

Help your team enjoy tracking their work consistently and on time while keeping their code flowing.
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Task visibility

Improve the quality and consistency of your deliveries – making regular status updates in your project management tools something developers look forward to executing.
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Process engagement

Use a science-based approach to engage your tech teams in your organisation’s key processes. Achieve your development goals more effectively and with full confidence.
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Range of integrations

Easy integration

Jira, Trello, Wrike, Azure, and 2000+ others with fully customisable reward rules. Get better visibility into your software development lifecycle and enable a range of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation drivers to improve your team's creativity and boost performance.
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Connect people to progress

Understanding the individual impact on important KPIs makes daily work more meaningful. Being immediately recognised and rewarded uplifts both motivation and engagement. This results in increased performance that has a visible return on business results.
Plans and pricing

Power to your process with bitPerk

Delightful onboarding. Customised setup. Seamless adoption.