About bitPerk

Our mission is to create technology for people and organisations to help them thrive in their full potential and enjoy the journey. We do this by combining together real-time work data analytics, clear expectations, continuous recognition, and by giving better visibility to improve focus and performance.

Our vision is to become the favourite choice for tech teams that are serious about their engagement and performance.

Meet Our Team

We are experienced professionals who have joined forces to create and provide a positive contribution to the world.

Eduardo Levenfeld

CEO & Co-Founder

Janno Siilbek

CTO & Founder

Veiko Aunapuu

Head of Product & Co-Founder

Kristo Peterson

Head of Growth & Co-Founder

Irene Jakobson

Office Manager

Interested in Joining Our Growing Team?

We have a culture of high performance that supports autonomy and expects individual responsibility. Our new team members will get a rich and international experience joining us for the journey of building the next unicorn startup.

Currently there are no career openings. But if you feel that your skills and experience are the perfect match with our mission and vision then please send us a message at jobs@bitperk.io. We are always open to consider new additions to our team!

The Start of Our Journey

Once upon a time, we started to experience a repeating situation. Projects would start with great enthusiasm. Everybody felt excited. There was a clear vision for the road ahead and people were eager to make progress and complete milestones.

Then, in a few months, things started to change slowly. Goals and progress didn't feel as clear anymore to the team members.

It started to feel like moving from task to task with no feeling of progress. The performance started to drop.

Team events played their part, but didn't solve the root cause: people felt disconnected from their progress.

After some research and contributions from our experience, we found a science-backed way to solve this.

bitPerk was then born to increase teams' performance by giving people the sense that they can make progress in their work and achieve great things together.

Boost your performance with results-based benefits