Made for Tech Teams

We have been in your shoes as developers, team leaders, managers, POs, QAs, product marketers, and other specialists.

Greetings from bitPerk team!

This platform and toolbox is created for all of us who work with software products and tech businesses.

Easy Integration

We know and use the same tools as your team, so bitPerk is made to work beautifully with tools like Jira, Trello, Wrike, Azure, and many others.

Bits and Perks

Enable data-driven recognition of individual and team efforts. Users earn bits (points) for doing great work and can exchange these to meaningful perks or donations.

Reward Rules Engine

Align calculation of bits with KPIs, goals, processes and culture. Select your reward rules and our powerful engine takes care of the rest automatically.

Multiple Recognition Sources

Bits can be originated from tasks, KPIs, colleagues, leaders, challenges, and more.

Perk Store

Lets people to choose their desired rewards. Create your own perks, pick from our catalogue, or convert company benefits to a results-based system.

Continous Feedback

Effective feedback helps people sense their daily progress and is a powerful trigger for being more "in the zone" during work time.
The north star for our product development is a vision of tech and agile teams thriving in their potential.

Enjoy the journey.

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Create an account and set up your first project.
Integrate Your Tools
Connect Jira, Trello, Wrike, or Azure in a few clicks. You can always count on us for support and for adding new tools to integrate (just let us know).
Invite Your Team and Create Reward Rules
Invite others and configure reward rules. You're now all set to start with bitPerk and boost your team's performance.

Win Small, Win Early, Win Often

Win small, win early, win often

Ensuring Quality

Set up rules to highlight work that travels backwards. Focusing on delivery without compromising on quality guarantees on-time and quality products.

Support for Personal Goals

Aside from the goals defined by leadership, our solution allows everybody to set personal goals and track them.

Process Encouragement

We know the importance of good processes. bitPerk helps you assure that people follow agile methodology or do certain activities like log their work time.

Clear Expectations

We know how people in tech appreciate clear expectations. That's why we help teams and leaders to define clear and transparent goals and reward rules.

Real Time Agile KPIs
(coming soon)

Get better insights with a powerful set of agile and team metrics. Analyze results with trends identification, comparative analysis, and a range of other reports.

Crypto (coming soon)

We're as enthusiastic about tech and innovations as you and are developing the possibility of crypto tokens besides the regular bits (points) approach.

Range of Possible Integrations

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