Benefits of bitPerk

Use Case for HR and Management

bitPerk is designed to support a culture of achievement and collaboration by reinforcing that your teams can achieve small wins and recognition every day.

Higher Employee Happiness & Lower Turnover

Clear expectations and constant performance-based recognition are hot topics among tech teams that drive to higher happiness index and lower turnover rates.By acknowledging that, bitPerk provides an innovative set of features backed by real science like shared reward rules, processes and challenges gamification, personal goals, constant contribution and progress visibility, and more.

Building a Culture of Achievement and Collaboration

By linking important deliveries & behaviour, and exceptional performance at different levels (personal and team) to instant recognition and, allowing people also to quickly recognise their peers, bitPerk solution provides a relevant contribution in the creation of a strong and positive culture.

Promote Engagement Driven by Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors

Creative and mental consuming roles, like the ones among tech people, demand a considerable dose of what in science we call "flow state" or "to be in the zone".Also backed by solid science and research, bitPerk uses initially extrinsic factors like bits and perks to push people out of their comfort zone and initial struggle phase and, then by triggering intrinsic factors like the sense of progress, journey and contribution, it makes it easier to your people to be more often "in the zone".

Better and Personalised Benefits

Each person is a vast and different cosmos and so, bitPerk gives your people the freedom of choosing their desired benefits or perks by using their own bits, achieved instantly through their performance.

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Working Smarter "In The Zone" (Flow State)

We know by experience how being "in the zone" and utilizing flow states helps craft great solutions. bitPerk includes science-based tactics like small regular wins, meaningful challenges, the good kind of gamification, and soon-to-be-launched new innovations.