Benefits of bitPerk

Use Case for Team Leaders

bitPerk helps to promote changes, adapt processes and increase your team's performance by linking recognition and rewarding with tasks, KPIs, and OKRs.

Improved Visibility and Performance

You can only improve things that you can track. This is why bitPerk integrates with tools like Jira, Trello, Wrike, Azure (and over 2000+ others through Zapier). You can use the data about your work process to recognise and reward people for their great results. We recommend choosing the available perks for your team together with your team and the company's HR and Management.

Continuous Feedback and Increased Outcomes

One of the core benefits of bitPerk is to support team leaders with their responsibilities. Continuous feedback improves engagement, efficiency and performance while also helping your team members work more "in the zone". All of these benefits combined together result in increased outcomes for your team.

Support the Growth of Your People

We understand that it can be challenging to always find good moments for 1-on-1 meetings while also having a systematic approach to keep track of how each team member is performing. So we have designed our product features in alignment with the science of peak performance: bitPerk provides increased clarity on objectives and expectations together with effective feedback for team members. This increases both your team's engagement and performance while supporting the growth of individual team members.

Boost Creativity for Better Decisions

Scientific research shows that offering people the option to choose their own rewards will give a boost in creativity. And the applications of increased creativity. The applications of increased creativity in tech and software development are endless: from finding better solutions to big challenges, to improving the quality of the hundreds of small daily decisions your team members need to make in their job.

Higher Engagement and Lower Turnover

If your team members are actively engaged in their work then you're going to have lower turnover, thanks to higher satisfaction. This is backed by recent research which found that people who rank high on "flow state percentage" i.e. who spend a large part of the workday "in the zone", also score high on overall work and life satisfaction metrics. This is one of the reasons why bitPerk includes features that support flow states.

Reinforce Business Processes

A wide range of use cases become available when you have sophisticated analytics and results-based benefits working in synergy. One of these is the option to reinforce business processes and affirm desired behaviours, by including them both in the reward rules logic.p

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Working Smarter "In The Zone" (Flow State)

We know by experience how being "in the zone" and utilizing flow states helps craft great solutions. bitPerk includes science-based tactics like small regular wins, meaningful challenges, the good kind of gamification, and soon-to-be-launched new innovations.