Benefits of bitPerk

Use Case for Team Members

bitPerk creates a connection with your progress via continuous feedback and recognition. It also gives you the power to decide which perks you want as a reward for your great work.

Personalised benefits (Perks)

Every person is different and, by acknowledging that, bitPerk allows you to select and acquire the perks you want with your bits.

Fast & Constant Recognition

bitPerk's engine allows you to receive bits (that can be exchanged for perks) through automated reward rules as soon as you complete critical tasks and challenges. It also allows you to share some of your bits with colleagues as a way of saying thanks for valuable collaborations.

Rewards Based on Performance

bitPerk's automated and integrated rewards engine means that you get your rewards transferred to your balance as soon as you deliver.

Clear Expectations

One of the main issues at tech companies is having clearly defined (and shared) expectations, and bitPerk helps you solve that by allowing you and your team understand those expectations as clearly defined game rules'

Sense of Progress and Contribution at Different Levels

According to research from Harvard, a sense of progress is the most powerful factor to increase people's engagement and internal drive when dealing with work-related challenges, and bitPerk supports you by providing you clear data about your contribution at several levels (projects, teams, and company KPIs).

Work More "In The Zone"

We know through experience how being "in the zone" and utilizing flow states helps craft great solutions. bitPerk includes science-based tactics like meaningful challenges, small regular wins, the good kind of gamification, many other supportive features, and soon-to-be-launched new innovations.

Challenge Yourself and Track Your Progress

Aside from the goals already agreed at different levels of your company, bitPerk allows you to plan your game by setting your own weekly or monthly goals and tracking them.

Quickly See The KPIs That Are Relevant to You

By providing visibility to everyone across the company, bitPerk allows you to quickly understand your project, team, and company situation through KPIs relevant to your role.

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Working Smarter "In The Zone" (Flow State)

We know by experience how being "in the zone" and utilizing flow states helps craft great solutions. bitPerk includes science-based tactics like small regular wins, meaningful challenges, the good kind of gamification, and soon-to-be-launched new innovations.